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Early Testimonials:


"takes automation to a new level..."

Some warriors hit a home run every once in a while. George Katsoudas hits one every time he steps up to the plate. Every time I have the chance to review a product for George I keep telling myself there is no way he can improve upon the last one, and every time he puts it over the fence.....again.

I maintain several WP blogs, and I run my business by myself. Automation is the key to making everything in my business work. This plugin takes automation to a new level by not only adding my affiliate links to all of my blog posts with a single click, but it also cloaks my links and gives me great tracking stats. Three jobs done by one plugin. I save time, and I can instantly see which links are getting the most attention.

It is very easy to operate--as easy as anything can be on the WP platform. Once again, George has taken the "work" out of working on my blogs. I have no idea what he has in mind next. He might make a WP plugin that will cook dinner for me while I count my affiliate commissions. His stuff is just that good.

Scotty Rushing

"Great to simplify affiliate marketing..."

Hi ,

I have been priviledged to receive a review copy of this wordpress plugin. I installed it on three of my websites and it worked like a charm on all three of them without any glitches.

I selected multiple words and hyperlinked them to affiliate urls and all along the process there are short notes which pops up to guide me, when required. It was such a breeze to walk through the plugin and I would definitely recommend this to newbies as well as pros. A fully loaded arsenal for the affiliate marketer. This plugin makes the whole job of redirecting selected keywords to the affiliate links so simple. The inbuilt cloaking feature masks the affiliate links and wisely sets up the URL with one of my choice word or phrase.

The tracking menu features a list of all the raw and unique clicks received per link and this makes the whole job of backtracking the traffic a childsplay

Overall the plugin keeps up to the reputation of George's other WSOs. I had earlier bought his WSO CB Goliath and I am still reaping great traffic from the posts. The simplicity of this plugin is probably its major highlight. Great product to launch and simplify affiliate marketing.


Nabarun Chakrabarti

" great plugin to use to monitize your blog and get those sales..."

Hey George,

Here is my review of your new plugin.

I have to say first that my review is based on how the plugin worked on 2 of my blogs and not because i got a review copy. That being said this is my review.

The plugin was super simple to install and even as simpler to setup. It worked like a charm right out of the box on the following 2 blogs if you want to check it out, and

I really love that it tracks both the raw and unique clicks of the urls and the keywords. You can use single word keywords or phrase's and it works great. And to be able to use any url link cloaked under the keyword is absolutely gold.

This is a great plugin to use to monitize your blog and get those sales that we all are out after.

I do recommend this plugin to everyone, newbie and experienced.

Thank you for a great plugin George,

Wayne Bolster (popsdeals4u on Warrior Forum)

"very impressive, and works perfectly..."

Recently I started using and testing this new cloaking and tracking plugin from George Katsoudas.

It is very impressive, and works perfectly.

Installation is straightforward, and it also comes with an extra plugin that handles updates for the product, but I have not had the chance to see this in action yet.

Configuration is very simple, just add keywords (names of affiliate products) and affiliate links, and the software handles the rest. Anywhere that the keyword appears in pages or posts, a cloaked affiliate link is automatically generated.

Options are available to specify whether posts and/or pages should be included, as well as options for opening links in new windows, and making them nofollow.

Some detailed help and examples are also available for each of the configuration options, making it even easier.

My verdict: Another great product from George.

Brian Daly

"it's just that good for taking old existing content
and turning it into money makers..."


I thought Associate Goliath was a great plugin, it is. However Cloak Track Pro is amazing. I can't even imagine adding future's just that good for taking old existing content and turning it into money makers.

In about 25 minutes I had the plugin installed on two different blogs, active and redirecting my chosen keywords. Half that time I took to find a couple good quality products to use.

Impressive. Years old content now pointing to affiliate offers!

There is no reason anyone cannot find specific niche products and quickly point dozens of keywords through their affiliate links.

And, for anyone reading, the plugin is simple to install. From inside the Admin panel, if you have a question about how to use the plugin, merely click a "help" link and you will get the direct answer you need, instantly.

George, let me play with the plugin some more and I'll get you some user ideas for future releases or updates. But like I stated above, this new plugin is ideal just the way you created it to be.

Simple...I like it!

Doug Philp

"The interface is so intuitive that instructions are practically unnecessary..."

Disclaimer: I received an advance copy of the Cloak Track Pro software from George Katsoudas to put through its paces. Here's my candid review.

This plugin is used to create, cloak and track keywords links from blog content to affiliate products, CPA offers, etc. The plugin is very easy to install and activate. Being able to easily set up cloaked affiliate links globally across my web site for specific keywords is awesome.

I have used another product to do this in the past, but Cloak Track Pro is infinitely easier. Using this plugin, I was able to monetize a list of keywords in minutes. I have several sites in the niche making it easy to cut-and-paste my keywords and links to my other related sites.

The interface is so intuitive that instructions are practically unnecessary. Plus, the tracking data provide the ability to understand what is working and what is not. So tweaking keywords is a breeze. As long as blog content is a must, get this plugin and monetize that content at the click of a button.

Recommendation: Include an option to exclude linking to keywords in the titles of posts. I would also love to see a version for regular HTML web sites.

Congratulations on another stellar product. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test this great piece of software.

~ Ed DeJoliet

"does what it says on the label, simply and efficiently..."

Hi George,

Having used the plugin for 48 hours my observations are:


Easy to install just upload the zipped file and you are ready to roll

Works with WP Multi Site

One Admin screen covers everything almost idiot proof

Contextual help button for every field (for the idiots)

You can limit the number of links so your post doesn't have every word as a link.

Works with and I assume other URL shortening systems.

Useful Stats on URL and keyword so you can do split testing

Covers all older posts


None that I can see at the moment,. It does what it says on the label, simply and efficiently

There may be some problems with very large sites but mine have upto a 1000 posts on them with no visible problem

I recommend it.

Nick Johnson

"a tremendous time saver..."

Hello George,

First off, I'm really glad I was one of those 20 people who had the privilege to review this.

Now the plugin. In a word: GREAT!. There is quite a long list of plugin's, themes, software I've tried in this everlasting journey called internet marketing. Majority of them are, plain and simple - BS. Over-hyped, over-priced BS.

This plugin falls in that rare category of those products I will use "utill the cows come home" ;).

Cloak Track Pro is marvelous tool, that definitely deserves a spot on a top shelf.

The task it does for you is a tremendous time saver, and I can't even predict how many times the sales shall increase.

It is very easy to use, and a must-have for autobloggers. Speaking of which, my current plans are combining this plugin with another one of my favorites Content Revenge. I believe the outcome will be bloody awesome ;)

P.S. I'm used to old school interface and don't usually find any tools hard to use so I can't help you on this one that much.

George, I think you've developed a great plugin with user friendly interface. Could it be better. Of course. There could be more options, like selecting specific posts etc.
But then again, I don't find any troubles at all using it. Less is more. And even if there would be any more options I think it would simply be too exhausting for the user.

Kind Regards,


"just hit buy and get this thing..."


You sent me a review copy of Cloak Track Pro and I wanted to say Thank You! Holy Cow brother this thing is smoking HOTT ! Easy install and easy to put in the keywords and links you want.

I'd like to say I am an intermediate Wordpress guy, but the truth is I'm way down on the ladder. This thing took over when I created my post and published. Amazing. Completely handled my links and worked awesome with my Local Pages Ninja plug-in to.

Anyone wondering about this product should just hit buy and get this thing working for you.

George, another awesome plug-in and I'm headed over to get the last plug-in you offer all the rest have been equally stellar!

Frank Schwarz

"well worth purchasing as it provides exceptional value..."

Cloak Track Pro WordPress Plugin

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins on the market and their efficiency, and effectiveness, vary greatly. And often these essential qualities which you expect when you purchase them fail to provide value for your money.

Cloak Track Pro meets all these criteria – it is easy to install and to use and the admin panel provides all the help links you will need to maximize your use of this new plugin.

Installation follows the standard WordPress system and you simply add to the table in admin your keyword, or keywords and enter the relevant url – your plugin does the rest.

This plugin will be valuable to you as an affiliate marketer, and want to link keywords in your posts to specific landing pages or if you are developing a network of WordPress blogs to feed backlinks into your many money sites.

The major asset that differentiates this plugin from most of its competitors though is the in-built tracking system. Data collected auatomatically allows you to see the raw clicks and unique clicks that each URL and each keyword each generates – critical information that will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and/or traffic building strategies.

As a bonus you also receive an additional plugin - upgrademe – which allows any WordPress plugin you have installed that is not in the official WordPress plugins repository to register its own URL for querying about newly available versions as they become available.

I highly recommend Cloak Track Pro – it does all that it claims – and managing it is simple and quick.

This is certainly one WordPress plugin well worth purchasing as it provides exceptional value.

John Vanse February 2012
The Self Help Guide

"an awesome plugin that's very simple to use..."

George -

This is an awesome plugin that's very simple to use. I never knew how many people were clicking on my affiliate links, UNTIL NOW! Also, it's very easy to link the same keywords throughout your site. No more going back and finding text. No more forgetting to set the link as no follow. Simply Awesome!

Thank you!

- Brad Acker

"What can be done manually over a period of time,
is done instantly with this excellent tool..."

Hey George,

What I Like About It:

It was easy to install

It's even easier to implement ((just add keyword(s) and URL(s) and Presto! All the articles in a blog are populated with links).

It works as promised

It works for both Clickbank and Commission Junction sites

It comes with George's great service (he responds quickly and helps you through the process and problems)

Can mix separate keywords and separate sites

Note: What can be done manually over a period of time, is done instantly with this excellent tool."



Why in-content, keyword-rich text links?

Because it's a great way to monetize your blog without screaming "I AM A SALESMAN!"

Which of these two examples looks more authoritative and "clean" to you? Which one do you think your visitors will like more? Which one do you think will Gooooogle like best?

Example 1: "If you want to build a better body, then you need to do resistance training, eat a balanced diet, sleep 8-9 hours a day, drink a lot of water and relax as much as possible. This is the best way to build muscle fast. Buy the best guide on building muscle"

Example 2: "If you want to build a better body, then you need to do resistance training, eat a balanced diet, sleep 8-9 hours a day, drink a lot of water and relax as much as possible. This is the best way to build muscle fast."

Why cloak your affiliate links?

Reason #1: Your visitors don't like seeing ugly affiliate links.

Remember: people HATE being sold to - but they LOVE buying. Which one do you think they would be more likely to click on:


Reason #2: Some of your visitors will try to replace your affiliate id with their own.

For example, they can replace with something like:

Reason #3: Google likes informative sites that don't "sell."

Which site do you think is Google going to like more? A site with 10 different "click here" links that take people to a long affiliate URL with tracking IDs? Or a blog with hyperlinked keywords which seem to point to other pages within the same blog?

Why track your keywords and links?

Reason #1: You get so see which keywords your visitors like more on your site.

If you have the keywords "build muscle fast" and "get ripped quickly" 10 times each on your blog, but you see that the term "get ripped quickly" has received 4 times as many clicks, this tells you that your visitors respond best to that keyword. You can then start using that specific keyword more often in your content.

Reason #2: You get so see which sites your visitors visit the most.

If you are promoting the sites and (and you mention them more or less the same on your blog), but you see that has received 4 times as many clicks, this tells you that your visitors are more interested in losing fat than building muscle. You can then start promoting even more "lose fat" offer.

How Cloak Track Pro Works:

Step 1: You enter a list of keywords, along with the affiliate URLs you want those keywords to point to

Step 2: You click the "save" button.

Then, Cloak Track Pro will do the following things, all on its own:

- Find all the occurences of these keywords on your blog

- Hyperlink them to the URLs you have specified (Cloak Track Pro can rotate the clicks for the same keyword between several URLs, or point several keywords to the same URL)

Why you need to act now:

Because I don't want everyone and their grandma to use Cloak Track Pro, I will limit sales of version 1.0 to 300 only.

As a matter of fact, I'm already involved in some other projects that are taking up a huge amout of time and energy. And I won't be able to focus as much time on Cloak Track Pro as I feel I should.

That's why I will take Cloak Track Pro completely off the market after a while (no matter how many copies were sold)...

Some people may be thinking right now: "This is probably a fake scarcity tactic so he makes me buy it now. He will probably keep selling it for years."

Those people have another thing coming :-)

Bottom line: If you are interested in Cloak Track Pro, get it now, because after a while, it will not be available...

I DARE any competitor to match my
10-times-your money back guarantee:

Download Cloak Track Pro. Install it on some of your affiliate blogs. If they don't make you in EXTRA commissions AT LEAST 10 times the price you paid, just send me a personal email within 60 days and let me know.

Either you make at least $470 or I'll give you every penny back and you get to KEEP Cloak Track Pro as my way of saying "thanks for giving this an honest try."

Heck, If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it's not the simplest keyword-affiliate-link-cloaking-and-tracking Wordpress plugin you ever used (or it's just not right for you), let me know as well and you'll get every penny back.

I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that Cloak Track Pro isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the future.

How to order Cloak Track Pro:

cloak track pro ecover

To get your hands on Cloak Track Pro, just click the button below.

You will be redirected to the Paypal order form where you can order with your Paypal account (or just a credit card).

After you order, you will get instant access to Cloak Track Pro.

If you need any help ordering, just send me an email and I'll personally get back to you ASAP.

Click on the button below:

Developer's License:

(Use the plugin on client's websites or sell sites that have been monetized with Cloak Track Pro, and still have the plugin installed on them. You can also use it on unlimited domains that you own).
Cloak Track Pro Wordpress Plugin Developer's License

Multi-Site License:

(Use on UNLIMITED domains you own)
Cloak Track Pro Wordpress Plugin

Single-Site License:

(Use on ONE domain you own)
Cloak Track Pro Wordpress Plugin


To your success,

george katsoudas signature

George Katsoudas

PS. With Cloak Track Pro you can launch Amazon affiliate niche blogs in less than 2 minutes. It will save you so much time, effort, and frustration it's not even funny. You can get these benefits, by ordering now.

PPS. Remember: You are covered by my "10-times-your-money-back" guarantee: Either Cloak Track Pro makes you 10 times what you paid for it within 60 days or you pay nothing. If that ain't fair, I don't know what is. Get your copy now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the technical requirements to run Cloak Track Pro?

You need to have a Wordpress blog that you host on your server.

What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have the developer's license?

You can upgrade. Just send me an email at georgekatsoudas2000 [at] - include your initial Paypal purchase receipt and I'll get back to you ASAP. :-)

What about customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just send me an email and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (very often just a couple of hours).

I reply to emails extremely fast and many customers say that, with me and my products, they have received the best customer support than by any other vendor they have done business with.

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